Book Review: The Sinai Secret (Lang Reilly Thrillers) by Gregg Loomis

An enjoyable experience

This is the first book by Gregg Loomis that I’ve read and I discovered that the protagonist, Lang Reilly, had featured in some of his previous works as well. However, I was not left in the dark about how Reilly’s previous escapades influenced what happened to him in this tale, as it was expertly woven into the storyline without interrupting any events.

Someone in Reilly’s research organization discovered an old parchment that certain people are prepared to kill for, and they do too. Soon, they are following Reilly and are trying their utmost to do him in, but he is always one step ahead of the antagonists. Reilly leaves a trail of action thrills as he tries to get to the bottom of this.

Gregg Loomis interlaces the suspenseful action with plenty of international settings, ancient mysteries, science, discoveries and even a bit of romance. Reading this book was an enjoyable experience, and the only problem I had was that I had read a thriller by another author just before this book, that had used some of the same science and ancient mysteries (a lot of which is public knowledge, you can Google the stuff), therefore I could anticipate certain events in the story. That said; it is not Gregg Loomis’ fault that I read the other book just prior his novel – I certainly look forward to read more of his work.

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