Reading thriller fiction

Not only do I like to read good thriller novels for pure enjoyment, but I also do it to study other authors’ mastery of the craft. I truly believe that if one wants to write in a specific fiction genre, then one should make a good study of what is available out there, especially the good stuff.

I have started to post reviews of some of the books I have read on Amazon and GoodReads, so go and take a look if you want to see how I’ve experienced them.

Strike of the Black Mamba Now Available as an E-book!

My thriller novel “Strike of the Black Mamba” has now been published by CruGuru as an e-book in both PDF and Microsoft Reader formats. The ISBN for the PDF version is 9781920265342 and for the Microsoft Reader version is 9781920265359.

The novel is sold via most large online e-book retailers, such as Diesel eBooks, ereadable, Powell’s Books, BooksOnBoard, eBooks About Everything!,, etc.

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Research, research…

The research work for my new thriller novel is keeping me quite busy. Not that I mind, though – I love the research as much as I love the writing part.

At the moment I am mainly reading books on topics that I need to know more about and then searching the Internet for additional information. Everything of interest that I find on the Internet, I save on my hard disk in special folders, but some of the stuff I also bookmark.

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Preparing e-book

I’m currently preparing an e-book version of my thriller novel “Strike of the Black Mamba”. It will be sold via most large online e-book retailers in about 2 months’ time and it will be available in both PDF and Microsoft Reader formats. I will keep you updated when it is ready.

New thriller novel

I have started to work on the outline of a new thriller novel. At this stage I only have a good idea of how the first two chapters will go. The rest is mostly a blank, but what I do know, is that the largest part of the story will play out in the Namib desert, in Namibia, of course ;-). Many scenes will also take place at different international destinations. I cannot really divulge anything about the plot at this stage.

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TV interview update

The TV interview with SABC News International was quite an interesting experience. It was a quick affair, about five minutes in total, sandwiched between news items.

They did not brief me beforehand about the questions I could expect, but it was more or less the standard book interview – although I was asked to give my views on nuclear terrorism. I did a lot of research for the book, so it did not catch me off-guard.

TV Interview

I’ve been invited for a TV interview about my thriller novel “Strike of the Black Mamba” tomorrow morning (18 May 2008) between 07:30 and 09:00 South African time (about GMT + 2 hours) on SABC International. It is on The Weekender Show’s book slot. The station transmits to the U.S, most of the African continent, parts of Europe and Asia.

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