Book Review: Ice Station by Matthew Reilly

Action all the way!

This thriller novel is full of non-stop violent action. By page 100, I was out of breath just from reading the book, and I don’t know how the characters kept up the pace without tiring. And that is the trend through all 689 pages of my copy of the book. That said, I know it is fiction and things can get a bit far-fetched sometimes, but it still makes for an enjoyable reading experience, since the pages just keep on turning automatically. One of my first thoughts before hitting page 100 was that this author might be writing with a movie in mind, so vividly were the action scenes described.

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Book Review: Death Match by Lincoln Child

In a previous post I mentioned that I am doing some book reviews, especially of thriller novels that I have enjoyed. I decided to place these reviews also on my blog, so here is the first one:

Pleasantly surprised!

Having recently felt the urge to read thriller novels that would keep me awake all night, I tried a few novels by some authors I had not read before. Most of these books I did not even finish, since they bored me so much that I felt I would rather sit and watch the grass grow. I must add that they were real insomnia-busters (I’m not going to name them, though!).

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My Squidoo Lenses

Recently, I decided to join the Squidoo fraternity and make my own Squidoo lens. I’m still experimenting with the content that I will put on there. Feel free to check it out!

I’ve also made some other related Squidoo lenses about book reviews, etc. You will find my other lenses here.

Tribute to Thriller Author Michael Crichton

Best-selling and world famous author, Michael Crichton passed away on the 4th of November 2008 at the age of 66. I think he was best known as author of Jurassic Park and its sequel, The Lost World. Both of these were turned into highly successful and world-famous movies – who hasn’t seen them, or at least heard of them? The total sales of all his books were in excess of 150 million copies worldwide. He was also the creator of the very successful TV series, “ER”.

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Welcome to Thriller Author Ian Kruger’s Website

Welcome to the official website of thriller author Ian Kruger where you will find mystery, intrigue, suspense, adventure, exhilarating action, valiant protagonists and fearsome villains blended into a frenzied roller coaster ride of non-stop enjoyment.